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About Us

Under the Skin was born during 2018, with the purpose of skincare from within.
We started with our much appreciated product “marine collagen” that was very welcomed by beauty clinics all around to world.

“ I saw a big gap in the market of clean products that works from within”

Roja Jamil, founder.

With a background within FMGC and beauty industry Roja Jamil started Under the Skin,
By developing the brand, three keywords became essential.
Clean: No additives or unnecessary ingredients.
Pure: It is highly important that each product contains the best sourses of ingredients. With clinical studies and alot of research behind it.
Fair: Produced under European regulations and environment friendly as possible.
2023 we are extending our segment towards health and well being.
Working with a strict marketing plan and creating unique formulas we are looking to be one of the leading supplement brands by 2025 world wide.